POWER OF PRAYER!Donna Lindemann 12-06-2019

It’s nothing short of a miracle from God – A Blessing and a Gift! Yesterday mom made significant improvements. She is attached to NOTHING! She’s eating on her own, walking to the restroom (with help) and has gained a great deal of her speech. She was eating ice cream when I arrived at the hospital.

Yes, there are hurdles to climb and a winding journey to travel, but with God each day brings new blessings and HOPE! Last night mom shared her deepest trust in the HOPE she has and the amazing power of God. She is ready to fight the battle to once again come home from another amazing recovery.
Never hesitate to seek prayer; ask others to pray for you and with you. God wants to hear our prayers and he promises to listen and answer. Prayer also aligns ourselves to God’s will. Sure it would be nice to have mom at 100% healing… but we can’t miss the amazing blessings we receive each day and the HOPE we have as we trust in God’s plan for my mom.
I shared with mom how that many are praying for her and it brings tears to her eyes knowing so many people share in our journey and care for her healing. Memory is still a challenge, she even has a tendency to forget who I am. That’s OK! As the swelling of her brain continues to reduce, he memory increases. She hasn’t forgotten the power of Prayer, the love of those surroundings her in prayer, and the HOPE she has to fight each day!
Count Your Blessings! They may be small, but they are powerful gifts from God. Each day presents a new gift. Again, our family thanks you for the love and support you provide as we take each day for what God gives and the strength to endure.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” James 1:17.

Thanks for your love, care, support and prayers!

Rod Lindemann